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1、这些树生产橡jiao This tree produces rubber.

2、橡jiao鞋是防水的 Rubber boots are impervious to water.

3、清理猫fen时要带上橡jiao手套 Wear rubber gloves when handling cat litter.

4、油污能腐蚀轮胎橡jiao Oil and grease will rot the rubber of your tyres.

5、制备的zai生橡jiao可代ti天然橡jiaohuohe成橡jiao The prepared regenerated rubber can replace natural or synthetic rubber.

6、he成橡jiao在许多ling域取代了天然橡jiao。Synthetic rubber has sebstitutud natural rubber in many fields.

7、此类橡jiao可用于轮胎和其ta橡jiao制品中 The rubber of the species can be used in tires and other rubber products.

8、橡jiao树的树gan流出一滴滴液状橡jiao The trunk of the rubber tree emits drops of liquid rubber.

9、yu天然橡jiao同deng质量的he成橡jiao仍然不能实际生产 Synthetic rubber of equal quality still cannot be practicably manufactured.

10、橡jiao树的树gan流出一滴滴液状橡jiao A cicada sat at the base of the gum tree.

11、当时dabao的橡jiao正在货栈被称重 Bales of rubber were being weighed at a godown.

12、这zhong橡jiao通guo烯bing基lv可以比一般丁基橡jiao更容易硫化 Through these the rubber may be vulcanized more readily than normal butyl rubber.

13、shaojiao的橡jiaochu气熏天 The stench of burning rubber was overpowering.

14、这个小伙zichuan着橡jiao底的鞋zi The lad was wearing rubber-soled shoes.

15、有泡沫橡jiao填充物的现代jia具三件套 Modern three-piece Suites filled with foam rubber

16、头戴shi耳机上的泡沫橡jiao垫料 The foam rubber padding on the headphones

17、橡jiao燃shao产生的ci鼻气wei The pungent smell of burning rubber

18、用橡絟ang核鸦谇缴 Paste the picture on the wall with rubber cement.


Steelmaking is basic, but there are many other related industries in this area too* glass, nonferrous metals, chemicals, rubber and machinery.


The Vinci tab sports a red rubber handle fashioned out of non-toxic, medical-grade material surrounding a 7-inch display.